Open up your home or business to natural light.

admin / September 13, 2014


All Skylight Solutions is a certified installer and distributor of Velux skylights, a company renowned world wide for its roof windows and skylights.


We offer the only skylight on the market that contains a motor, making it electronically operable by remote or by manual control. Whatever the weather, Velux skylights can adapt. They include a rain sensor, which signals the skylight to close when left open. Should the clouds clear and sun grow too warm, the skylights contain adjustable shades. They also offer a long lasting “no leak” seal that shields your home or business from the elements.

As our customer, you can rest assured we will deliver on our promises. We strive to work with our customers during the installation process through regular communication of our progress. Meanwhile you can relax while we take care of the preparation and cleaning involved in installation. Replacement and repair is also available

We take pride in bringing you the benefits of skylights:

  • Add natural light into a home or business, and with it a positive mood, warmth and depth;
  • Save energy by capturing the sun’s natural heat;
  • Block harmful UV light that fade carpets or upholstery & protect wood floors and treasured art;
  • Increase the value of your home or business;
  • Cut down on lighting and cooling costs;
  • Help improve performance among employees and students;
  • Ease the harshness of artificial light for those with vision challenges.
  • Also available through All Skylight Solutions are solar powered water heaters, which add to energy savings.

Warm, natural light never goes out of style. Your living space or business will transform under nature’s own source of illumination. Let us provide a window to that source through our extensive experience in the field, as well as our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction.

We offer free estimates for installation, replacement or repair. Request a brochure, and start moving toward a brighter living or business space today. Jason Hope said in a article that business should bring in natural light to take a green initiative find our more here